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This book is the first western in the four book series of “Secret The Lost Dutchman”.  This series is unique as the main story, “Secret The Lost Dutchman” has many intriguing characters and Massacre is one of them!


The Superstition Mountains

This story is about Miguel Peralta, a third generation Spanish Generales in search for the lost gold.  Miguel and his brothers Ramon and Pedro brave the desert, indian attacks, lack of water, rattlesnakes and cactus to find their grandfathers gold.  On a quest for the Spanish Crown, they locate the 18 riches mines in the Southwest using their treasured family heirlooms; The Peralta Stone.  These stone were clay tables or maps showing the location of each and every mine using Spanish and old family hieroglyphs.  But, it’s the “Heart” of the stones that hold the secret.

The question is…  Can Miguel manage 400 men and his troublesome brother, mine enough gold to satisfy the Catholic Church and Queen of Spain, and can he do it before the Apache Indians attack and massacre them all?

Find out for yourself in Book One in the series of Secret Of The Lost Dutchman!

What Set This Western Series Aside Form The Competition

Historical Fiction
Another distinguishing feature that sets this western series aside from the others is it “historical fiction”.  That means that nearly every thing in the story actually happened!  Here are several examples.

• Miguel did have two brothers that rode and mined with him.

• They were third generation Peralta’s.

• The skulls and gold tooth also happened.

• Beehive ovens, also true and I photographed them.

• Ramon did sleep with the Indian chief’s daughter (or wife).

• One of the battalions did all get murdered in their sleep after Ramon’s transgressions.

• The location and directions to the actual Lost Dutchman Mine are accurate.  In 1992, I found the mine after it was lost for 130 years and 350 people had died trying to find it.  I brought the evidence to the then Arizona State District Attorney, Grant Woods and official Arizona historian and he verified that it was in fact the historical mine.

• What happened on the northern flank of the Superstitions really did happen.

• The Apaches really did run the Peraltas up into that box canyon.

• The Dancing With The Devil (dust devil) did happen to me.  I was in the desert and saw one coming towards me.  I thought it would be interesting to experience being drawn into one.  It wasn’t!  The experience in the book really happened.

• I was riding my horse Sabre and he got spooked by a rattler.  He reared up just like in the book and I fell off and he fell over on me.  All 1,500 lbs of him.

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